Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting

At Hurry Bros we can cut metal, stones, ceramic, glass and other hard materials with our Water Jet Cutting System. Our abrasive jet can cut through virtually any material producing excellent edge quality. With cutting efficiency up to 150mm thick and part precision of 0.04mm we can cut more accurate parts at much higher speeds than traditional cutting methods.

Our water jet cutting process is perfect for glass, high-precision component for the aero space industry as well as high quality stone inlays.

Watch this demo below of the water jet cutting through an Apple Mac

Here are some of the benefits of water jet cutting over more traditional methods.

  • No direct contact between the cutting head and surface
  • Virtually no induced tension or micro cracks
  • No heat distortion or heat-affected zones
  • Maximum thickness of materials up to 200 mm
  • Part precision of up to 0.04 mm
  • Work envelope of 4m x 3m
  • Work pressure 4150 bar

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