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Transform your space with our Glass Balustrade Panels, offering a modern and stylish addition to any property. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, our glass balustrades enhance the aesthetics of staircases, balconies, terraces, patios, and pool areas in both residential and commercial environments.


Their sleek design opens up spaces, bringing in light and air, while providing strength, safety, and durability. Plus, they're remarkably low maintenance compared to metal or wood options, requiring minimal cleaning without the need for regular treatments.

Our glass balustrades are also ideal for creating Juliet balconies, adding an elegant touch without the need for extensive structural changes. These stylish installations allow light and air to flow freely into upper-story rooms while creating the illusion of an outdoor extension.

At Hurry Bros, we specialise in manufacturing both toughened and laminated glass to meet precise balustrade specifications. Our facility is equipped to handle custom requests, ensuring that each balustrade fits perfectly in its intended setting. For certain designs, we may require templates or detailed drawings.

Ready to elevate your space with bespoke glass solutions? Get in touch with us today for expert advice and a free quote!

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